Clinical Therapy

Are you struggling to manage life’s hardships, relationships & personal endeavors? Feeling like your sense of self has been compromised? I help individuals and couples navigate even the smallest of concerns in their day-to-day lives. It’s time to get motivated to transform yourself and make a positive impact through learning, decision-making, problem solving & accountability.
Through a trauma-informed lens, I specialize in sex addiction and topics related to emotional disturbances, relationship & intimacy concerns, queer-related issues, & compulsive sexual behaviors related to pornography use, infidelity, betrayal trauma & internet addiction.
With a range of knowledge & expertise, I will guide you to overcome any feelings of anxiety, shame, and/or embarrassment that may be holding you back. Whether this is your first-time counselling or a continuation of your journey, I will rebuild and navigate not just the relationship with yourself but with those around you also.

Services Provided

Client focus for all therapy sessions is 13+ years of age.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a form of counselling where a trained therapist works one-on-one with a client to address personal challenges, emotional issues, and mental health concerns. I provide a confidential and supportive space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, while I offer guidance, coping strategies, and personalized interventions to promote your healing and personal growth.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is aimed at improving communication, resolving conflicts, and enhancing the overall relationship between intimate partners. As I work with couples through their hardships, I will help you gain insight into your dynamics and provide tools to strengthen your connection and work through challenges. My modalities include (but not limited to) Emotion Focused Couples Therapy & Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

In-Person and Online Sessions

At Between the Vines Counselling, I offer both in-person sessions at my practice in Oliver, BC, as well as convenient online sessions, allowing me to provide counselling services to clients worldwide. My practice serves a diverse clientele, working with individuals from various locations and backgrounds, ensuring personalized and accessible support for everyone.

Treatment Specialties

Anxiety/Anxiety Disorders

I offer support to individuals facing anxiety disorders. If you're struggling with constant worries, fears, or nervousness, know that I am here to help. Together, we'll work on developing personalized strategies and evidence-based approaches that empower you to manage anxiety, find inner calm, and regain control over your life. Taking that first step towards seeking relief and support is crucial, and I am dedicated to guiding you on your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Depression/Depressive Disorders

Finding Light in the Darkness.

I understand the weight of depression and offer empathetic support to help you through it. If you're experiencing overwhelming feelings of sadness, loss of interest, or struggling with everyday life, you may be facing depression. I specialize in guiding individuals through these challenging times, providing a safe and understanding space for healing. Together, we'll explore personalized counselling approaches and evidence-based techniques to help you rediscover hope, joy, and effective coping strategies. Remember, you don't have to face depression alone; take that courageous step and reach out for support and healing today.


As a couples therapist, my focus is on enhancing communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening emotional bonds between intimate partners. I provide a supportive environment for couples to work through challenges, improve relationship dynamics, and foster a more fulfilling partnership. I am committed to working with all types of relationships within the 2sLGBTQIA+ community, offering inclusive and affirming support to all.

Substance Use & Abuse

I am here to offer compassionate support to individuals facing substance abuse challenges. If you or a loved one are struggling with drug or alcohol misuse, know that you don't have to face it alone. As an experienced therapist, I specialize in helping individuals break free from the grip of addiction, providing a safe and understanding space for healing. Through evidence-based approaches and personalized treatment plans, we'll work together to empower you on your journey towards recovery and renewal. Taking that courageous step towards seeking support is the first stride towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Sex/Porn/Internet Addiction

As a therapist with a trauma-informed approach, I focus on providing specialized support for individuals dealing with sex addiction and related challenges. I assist clients with navigating compulsive sexual behaviours, including those related to pornography use, infidelity, betrayal trauma, and internet addiction. Together, we'll work towards understanding and healing the underlying issues, fostering healthy relationships, and reclaiming control over your life.

Grief & Loss

I recognize the profound impact of grief and loss in your life. If you're navigating the pain of losing a loved one or experiencing a significant life change, know that you don't have to go through it alone. My goal is to provide compassionate support during these challenging times, offering a safe and understanding space for your healing process. Through gentle guidance and evidence-based approaches, I am here to help you navigate the complex emotions of grief, find resilience, and rebuild a sense of purpose and hope.

common questions

Therapy, also known as counselling or psychotherapy, is a collaborative process between a trained therapist and a client. The aim is to address emotional, psychological, or behavioral challenges and work towards personal growth and well-being. During therapy sessions, clients can openly discuss their thoughts, feelings, and concerns in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Therapists utilize various therapeutic techniques and approaches tailored to each individual’s needs to explore underlying issues, develop coping strategies, gain insight, and foster positive change.

Therapy sessions typically last around 60 minutes, though the duration can vary depending on the therapist’s approach and the specific needs of the client.

I am certified and approved by multiple insurance companies; however, please note that I do not offer direct billing services for insurance providers. If your insurance plan covers RTC counselling, you can submit your receipts for reimbursement. Below is a list of insurance providers that typically cover my counselling services:

  • Alberta School Employee
  • Canada Life | Great-West Life
  • Equitable Life of Canada
  • Green Shield Canada
  • iA Financial Group
  • Manitoba Blue Cross
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • SunLife

Feel free to check with your insurance provider to confirm the coverage details and reimbursement process for our services. I am committed to helping you access the support you need, and I’m happy to assist with any questions you may have regarding insurance reimbursement.

The frequency of therapy sessions varies depending on your circumstances and therapeutic goals. In the beginning, sessions might be more frequent (e.g., once a week) to establish a strong therapeutic relationship and address immediate concerns. As progress is made, sessions might become less frequent, transitioning to bi-weekly or even once a month.

Finding the right therapist is crucial for a successful therapeutic experience. It’s essential to consider factors such as the therapist’s qualifications, specialization, approach to therapy, and personal compatibility. I offer a free initial consultation, which can be an opportunity to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and gauge how comfortable you feel with the therapist.

The number of therapy sessions required varies greatly depending on your individual needs and goals. Some clients may find significant progress in a few sessions, while others might benefit from longer-term therapy. I will collaborate with you to develop a treatment plan and regularly assess your progress to determine the most appropriate duration of therapy.

Between the Vines Counselling is located at 339 Fairview Road in Oliver BC, Canada. Online counselling sessions are also offered where I can assist clients anywhere around the world.

Confidentiality is a critical aspect of therapy. In general, therapists are bound by ethical and legal guidelines to keep the content of therapy sessions confidential. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Therapists may be required to break confidentiality if a client poses a threat to themselves or others, or if there are suspicions of child or elder abuse. Additionally, therapists may consult with colleagues or supervisors for professional development purposes while ensuring the client’s anonymity.

To schedule an appointment you may book online through our Jane scheduling system at your convenience. 

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